a variety of fruits and vegetables, with the best quality and diverse packaging.


a variety of organic vegetables and summer corps, with hygienic packaging.


supplier of all kind of nuts, including dried fruit , nuts and seeds.


agricultural products such as tomato paste , canned fish , etc…

About us

Who are we?

Kimia saadat aseman nilgoon (PJSC), established 27th of July 2021 in Hamedan province and started its activities in the field of international trading of agricultural products and food.

According to the policies of the company's managers, the central office and plans to establishing food product factories regarding to high potentials of Hamedan province and the west of country is on the agenda.

We hope that with help of our Compatriots and fellow-citizens ,we will take effective steps on value creation, job creation and prevent from sale the raw materials.

کیمیا سعادت آسمان نیلگون
کیمیا سعادت آسمان نیلگون

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Provide valuable services and
supply products with best quality
The production and supply of agricultural and food products requires planning, sufficient accuracy, compliance with the necessary standards, and research and development. Kimia Saadat Aseman Nilgoon Company has planned to put implementation, production and supply organic products at the top of its activities.
Quality represents the ability and knowledge of professionals.
Our team constantly tries to provide quality products and desirable services to satisfy our dear customers. you can leave the supply of your products to us, right now and enjoy your safely and securely purchase, and join our group of satisfied customers.
Contact number: +98 – 910 314 67 64 (Public Relations Officer)


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+98 9103146764      


Kimia Saadat Aseman Nilgoon Company, Unit 12, Floor 2, Shopping Center Noor, Mozaffariyeh Bazaar, Hamedan Province, Iran